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Download demos and other material that supports articles in the magazine.



May 2008
Gabe Shadid cues (player)

March 2008
Burst In Flames (4.7MB MP3 by Alex Pfeffer)
Defcon Six (1.8MB MP3 by Alex Pfeffer)
iZotope Ozone clinic files (88MB .zip archive - big file!)

January 2008
Rapture (71K zip archive)
Troels Folman MIDI Mockup Microscope (5.2MB archive)

November 2007
MIDI Mockup Microscope files (4.8MB zip archive)
MASSIVE patches (24k zip archive)
Melodyne Clinic Examples (3.2MB archive)

September 2007
Streamers article extras (1.1MB zip archive)
Great DAW Round-up pt. 1 (2.1MB pdf)

June/July 2007
Amit Poznansky Curtain Up (5.1MB zip archive)
Amit Poznansky Diabolic Call (2.7MB zip archive)
Amit Poznansky On The Move (4.1MB zip archive)
Amit Poznansky - other cues in article (player)
Craig Sharmat examples for "No Exploding Keyboards" (1.1MB zip archive)
Michael Brecker's Logic Environment (13MB zip archive)

Maarten Spruijt music (18MB zip archive)

AK_Example1 (2.1 mb wav)
AK_Example2 (1.1 mb wav)
AK_Example3 (3.8 mb wav)
AK_Example4 (520 kb wav)
AK_Example5 (808 kb wav)
AmericanPatriotExcerpt (3.3 mb wav)


December/January '07
Voltage Control (6 kb zip)
Nathan Furst (4.45 zip)


10-11/06 Colin O'Maley (3.56 zip)


8-9/06 Dragaon War N. Phoenix (5.3mb mp3)
8-9/06 Dante's Dream N. Phoenix (3.28mb mp3)
8-9/06 reaktor + tutorial ( 8.63 mb zip)


From Sketch to Score
    midi import - cleaned.pdf (121kb)
    midi import - messy.pdf (148kb)
    Mojo Madness Score - Stage 1.pdf (96kb)
    Mojo Madness Score - Stage 2-v3.pdf (116kb)
    Mojo Madness.mp3 (2.1 mb)
    Mojo Madness - uncleaned midifile.mid (75 k)
    Mojo Madness - cleaned midifile.mid (75 k)
mindmeld version 1.08 (19.36mb zip)
UFO_demo (407kb mp3)
Control Voltage Patches (7k zip)
Buick Sessions 2 (2.2mb zip)

The 3GB Switch" (6-7/06) - Download the LaaTiDo application to make programs Large Address Aware here:

asapp_Big_Apple (4mb mp3)

End of the Road (2.1mb mp3)

MindMeld (13.85mb zip)

Second Issue
BuickSessions01_01 (315kb)
BuickSessions01_02 (315kb)
BuickSessions01_03 (315kb)
BuickSessions01_04 (315kb)
BuickSessions01_05 (315kb)
BuickSessions01_06 (315kb)
BuickSessions01_07 (401kb)
BuickSessions01_08 (524kb)
BuickSessions01_09 (524kb)
Live Very Deep Clinic (315kb als)


Premier Issue
Sampling with King Idiot (24mb zip)
    SAM Trpts TEST_VI1.gig (24mb zip)
    SAM Trpts TEST_VI1.nki (3kb zip)
Taking the GigaPulse (3mb zip)
The Age of Reason (181kb zip)






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