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Developer Interview:
Eric Persing of Spectrasonics
In the second in a series of interview with V.I. developers, one of the most highly respected programmers in our industry discusses his own evolution, the evolution of his company and its popular products, and the evolution of sampling and synthesis in general.

 Very Deep Video Clinic:
Sample Slaves
Even in the new era of 64-bit hosts, there are many reasons to use more than one computer.

Sound Formats: Past, Present, Future by Garth Hjelte
The head of Chicken Systems really likes sample formats. And that has nothing to do with the fact that his Translator Pro software translates between them.


Audiobro LA Scoring Strings by Nick Batzdorf
The first in a new generation of sampled string libraries is out, and it's quickly become the gold standard. If this is any indication of things to come, we're all going to be very happy.

IK Multimedia SampleMoog by Orren Merton
4GB of samples from 16 different classic Moog synths. No algorithmic models need apply.

 VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro LAN Mixing and Host Software 
Last year they managed to replace MIDI and audio interfaces on slave computers with a single ethernet cable for their own instruments. Now they've managed to make it work for everyone's V.I.s, Windows and Mac, 32- and 64-bit.